Joseph M. Zappala D.C., DACBSP®

Joseph M. Zappala D.C., DACBSP®

Dr. Zappala specializes in the treatment and management of sports injuries and uses a three- pronged approach. He uses strength and conditioning principles, physical therapy and sports chiropractic to treat a myriad of sports injuries. These injuries include spinal disc injuries as well as lower extremity injuries to the hip, knee and ankle as well as upper extremity injuries to the shoulder elbow and wrist.  In addition, to treating sports injuries, Dr. Zappala helps athletes improve their efficiency and performance. This reduces the chances of injuries coming back.

Do you want a bigger first serve?  Want to drive the golf ball further and more accurately? How about jumping higher or swimming faster? These goals are accomplished by building a more powerful and efficient body which will in turn prevent injuries. Dr. Zappala has all the 21st Century tools needed to both keep athletes in the game and performing at their peak potential.

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Sports Medicine Tools

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  • Getting Polar Cryotherapy for quick recovery and better circulation.
    Step into a cloud and experience the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy. WBC uses extreme cold to stimulate your body's natural healing mechanisms by activating a fight or flight response. Blood is redirected away from the small blood vessels in the extremities, and into the core and vital organs. The body supercharges the blood with anti-inflammatory proteins, endorphins and oxygen which accelerates the rate of tissue repair and reduces inflammation. Nothing compares to WBC's ability to heal athletic injuries, reduce pain and inflammation, and improve skin and immune system health.
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